Ron Bertrand was the Official musician for the 2010 Trip.  He wrote our theme song, "We're Bookbag Santa." He performed for students at the school, and for the rest of us at some of the local beach bars!.

When we have one of our "Belize Parties" or one of the work parties we always get pizzas from our local Little Caesar's !

The nice folks at Pepsi Cola Bottlers of Roanoke have been staunch supporters of Bookbag Santa for a long time.

Wireless Zone in the Roanoke area is the official Verizon cell phone provider for Bookbag Santa. They have 7 stores in this area, and take very good care of us.

Digital Doc is the "official" computer maintenance shop for BOOKBAG SANTA. Please show your support by taking your electronic problems to them. They are located at Towers Shopping Center.  540-581-1202


Smith & Company Tax & Accounting Services takes care of all our book-keeping and helps to keep us out of trouble. Please show your support by giving them a call when you need help.

BOOKBAG SANTA volunteers use GiftTrenz luggage tags when we go on the trip - take a look at www.GiftTrenz.com